CITADELIC is highly commited to music, jazz, improvisation and performance...
with a summer in the parc, a winter in the castle festival and a club program in the basement club of La Resistencia


CITADELIC SUMMER 13 in the park (23-24-25-26 may)

CITADELIC JAZZ/WINE SESSION 13 no cars - 22 september

CITADELIC BASEMENT 13-14 resistencia

CITADELIC WINTER 14 in the castle

PROGRAM 2013-2014




22 sept 2013 @ St-Annaplein, Ghent
CHAMANTO - música típica chilena
Patricia Alvarado, voz
Carlos Zapata, guitarra

BART & LODE - cd-release eNR015 Krommekeer
Bart Maris, trompet en electronics
Lode Vercampt, cello

MA'CHANGO - surf jazz
Eduardo Vega, guitarra
Lieven Van Pee, contrabas
Dimitrie Simoens, drums

+ ...

18 nov 2013 @ Basement, La Resistencia, Ghent
Trevor Watts (Saxes)
Mark Sanders (Drums)
Veryan Weston (Piano)
John Edwards (Double Bass)












































el NEGOCITO Records

El Negocito café

the Basement jazz club @ La Resistenza



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