from 23 til 26 of may
Citadelpark, Ghent
full program will be given at concert in La Resistenza on the 29th of april with Cactus Truck/Roy Cambell/Peter Jacquemyn

La Resistenza, Brabantdam 82

Monday 1 April 21h:
Ben Sluijs (reeds, Belgium)
Ruben Machtelynckx (guitar, Belgium)
Nathan Wouters (double bass, Belgium)

Monday 29 April 21h:
Cactus Truck + Roy Cambell + Peter Jacquemyn
John Dikeman (saxophones, US)
Jasper Stadhouders (guitar, the Netherlands)
Onno Govaert (drums, the Netherlands)
Roy Cambell (trumpet, US)
Peter Jacquemyn (double bass, Belgium)

















Cactus Truck creates startlingly intense music. Through complete physical and psychological surrender, they pull raw and pure emotions out of their instruments. In each performance, they push themselves beyond their limits through improvisation, resulting in a quick-paced music of very high energy, often genre defying. The band formed in Amsterdam in April 2010 and has since played over a 100 concerts all over Europe and the USA. Cactus Truck frequently collaborates with a wide variety of like-minded artists, including Terrie Ex, Jeb Bishop, Nicolas Field, Peter Jacquemyn, Ab Baars, Kevin Shea, Roy Campbell and Wally Shoup. Their first official album entitled "Brand New For China!" (PE119) was released in March 2012 on Public Eyesore Records (www.publiceyesore.com) and has been well received by critics world wide, describing the music with mere superlatives and landing on many "Best of 2012" lists.

"It's easy to see why The Ex's Terrie Hessels described Cactus Truck as the discovery of the year in The Wire's 2011 Rewind a few months back. His idea of a friendly greeting is a hard punch to the solar plexus, and that's what Amsterdam based American saxophonist John Dikeman and Dutch sparring partners guitarist/bassist Jasper Stadhouders and drummer Onno Govaert deliver on Brand New For China!, three of whose seven excitingly raw tracks clock in at just 20 seconds, for anyone nostalgic for grindcore. But there's a lingering aftertaste of vintage free jazz in Dikeman's rough, rubbery saxophone playing and Stadhouders's wild, wiry guitar." Dan Warburton, The Wire

ROY CAMBELL / trumpet
Roy Campbell, Jr.'s composing, arranging, and playing embrace a wide range of roots and styles, including jazz, funk, rock, rhythm & blues, hip-hop, rap, classical, reggae, and more. Whether performing, writing, arranging, or producing, Roy Campbell's abilities burst forth in an electrifying stream of talent and originality. His virtuoso instrumental performances have been praised by fans, critics, and fellow musicians alike. All of the bands he leads have inspired and uplifted audiences to spiritual heights, and each band is unique and highly acclaimed by all. Robert Innapollo, in a review from "Cadence" Magazine (January, '9O), stated, "Campbell is a monster trumpeter. He's the latest in a long line that has extended from Navarro through Brownie through Booker Little and beyond." Program notes from the 1998 Fire in the Valley Festival praise his "approach and technique, taking the influences of both Lee Morgan and Booker Little and hauling them into the future." A few of the leading innovators among contemporary musicians Roy has worked with include: Rashied Ali, Billy Bang, Evelyn Blakey, Dave Douglas, Carlos Garnett, Henry Grimes, Eddie Harris, Makanda Ken McIntyre, Jemeel Moondoc, David Murray, Sunny Murray, William Parker, Hannibal Marvin Peterson, Sun Ra, Woody Shaw, Cecil Taylor, Charles Tyler, Wilbur Ware, Frank Wright, John Zorn, and a countless host of other bands and ensembles. Roy and his contemporary bands play virtually constantly in concerts, on tour, and in festivals all over the world.

PETER JACQUEMYN / double bass
Peter Jacquemyn moves easily between the visual arts and music. He is a sculptor working, for example, wood with a chain saw - some examples of his work can be seen here - but also a self-taught bass player. Although he is a longstanding member of the Belgian WIM - Werkgroep Improviserende Muzikanten (WIM) (Association of Improvising Musicians) - playing concerts since 1984, he has only recently begun to release recordings. This amazing gap of fifteen years was based on Jacquemyn's view that improvised music changes every time it is played (and listened to) and that it should not be controlled and ossified by recording. His first recordings were released in 1999 (three of them) and one of these (the duo with Gunda Gottschalk), together with the later solo disc, were a deliberate attempt to present a range of possibilities recorded over a period of time rather than the documentation of a live situation. He has played in a wide variety of ad hoc situations with musicians such as Fred Van Hove, Jacques Palinckx, Peter Kowald, Conrad Bauer, Wolfgang Fuchs, Takashi Yamane, La Donna Smith, Jo Truman, Michael Moore, Ernst Reijseger, Floros Floridis, Daunik Lazro, Barre Phillips, Roger Turner, John Edwards, Joëlle Léandre, and Phil Minton.



















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