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SEPTEMBER 2, 2021 - 22H
Zotteg(h)em at Jazz in 't Park Gent 2021: the wonderful music of Tom Wouters at annual Ghent high mass of jazz and alternative music...

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Tom Wouters left us in March, but leaves behind an extensive repertoire. PayDay in March, Ambush, Crap Squeezer, Flick Flack Bat, Sweet Defeat and Zotteg(h)em; all are brainchildren, with his compositions.

His soul compagnons, all blessed top musicians from the Belgian scene, select from his work and let you into the musical world of this perfectionist and genius. No beaten paths, but surprising and above all adventurous music with a powerful and personal 'sound', just the way he wanted it (and so do we!).

Jazz in the park is of course organized covid-proof. For this concert you must therefore register here with a deposit of 2 euros: HERE

the musicians are
Edward Capel: saxophones, alto klarinet
Bart Maris: trumpet
Filip Wauters: guitar
Lode Vercampt: cello
Peter Vandenberghe: piano
Mirko Banovic: bass
Frederik Van den Berghe: drums
Vana: voice
Matis Cooreman: voice


Zotteg(h)em Zotteg(h)em Zotteg(h)em Zotteg(h)em Zotteg(h)em Zotteg(h)em
photographs Geert Vandepoele      




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