Nils Vermeulen
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 nocturne   SMAK Museum, Jan hoetplein 1, Gent

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           Nils Vermeulen

Nils Vermeulen is a Belgian double bass player, artistic researcher affiliated with KASK & Conservatorium Ghent and studied instrument building. He has played with Paul Lytton, Seppe Gebruers, William Parker, John Dikeman, Luis Vicente, among others, works across many scenes, from free improv to jazz to contemporary classical music, and in many distinct constellations, such as his own groups Kabas and Jukwaa, a string duo with Elisabeth Klinck, and is an active member of the collective Troika and Nemo ensemble.

The sound of the double bass is the main variable. The strings Vermeulen uses are ‘Tempera’ strings by Gerold Genssler, inspired by traditional gut strings, and have lower tension to let the instrument resonate freely.

Vermeulen explores variations of techniques, proportions, and notes. Often, they depart from or tend to almost mathematical material, countered by his highly intuitive playing. Every tone has its acoustic universe, comprised of a multitude of other tones. All possible combinations already exist. The composer merely chooses one variation and organizes the sounds in a particular way.

We will get to enjoy as a first a concert of his solo debut 'Variations', released at the end of April on the Aspen label.

Nils Vermeulen - double bass

Remark: the artwork for the album is by Shervin/e Sheikh Rezaei !



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