Luis Vicente
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In the fall, Citadelic invited the Portuguese jazz protagonist Rodrigo Amado, for an inspiring solo concert; a saxophone player that topped quite a few end-of-year lists.
Now we introduce a trumpeter from that Portuguese vanguard: Luis Vicente. Up-and-coming talent or already there? See his collaborations with Carlos Zingaro, Akira Sakata, William Parker, Hamid Drake, Paal Nilsen Love, Mette Rasmussen, Luke Stewart, Alexander Hawkins, Valentin and Theo Ceccaldi, but also with our local heroes Seppe Gebruers, John Dikeman, Nils Vermeulen... . Say no more !!!



21H: LUIS VICENTE, een Solo voor trompet

A musician with a feverish range, Luís Vicente develops a solo relationship with the trumpet that often launches him into more contemplative and meditative areas, suggested by a dialogue that – rather than with other instrumentalists – he develops with himself. With himself and with the room where he works, opening himself to the exploration of the acoustic characteristics of the space as a fundamental element of the discourse. As he documented in Maré (2020), the solo format allows the trumpeter to pursue melodic sketches and deepen simple motifs, but also to fall down the rabbit hole of experimentation and dedicate himself to a rarefied expression. From this clash a whole new and stimulating world is born, which the musician explores without a map.

Luis Vicente - trumpet


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