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17 october 2017
G A B B R O (Marc De Maeseneer / Hanne De Backer) + SAMUEL BER
SOUNDING TEARS (Mat Maneri / Lucian Ban / Evan Parker)


7 november 2017
BAMBI PANGPANG (Viktor Perdieus / Laurens Smet / Seppe Gebruers) + FRANTZ LORIOT


5 december 2017
FISH-SCALE SUNRISE (Ab Baars / Kaja Draksler / Joe Williamson)
GIOVANNI Di DOMENICO & ABSCHATTUNGEN (Laurent Blondieau / Quentin Manfroy / Audrey Lauro / Daniele Martini / Gregoire Tirtiaux / Marti Melia Jordi Grognard / Giotis Damianidis / Axel Gilain / Mathieu Calleja / Jakob Warmenbol / Giovanni Di Domenico)



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tuesday 26 september 2017


Rodrigo Fuentealba Palavicino is one of the best guitarists in our country. He previously played with Daan, Novastar and Gabriel Rios and is currently playing with Brussels musician Kris Dane and Fifty Foot Combo. He also leads the MannGold de Cobre project, with 8 blazers directed by Peter Vermeersch, an extension of his own MannGold. (information about the CD here).

At the Citadelic festival in May, he regularly got a carte blanche and brought clean people like Steven DeBruyne & Sanne Van 't Hek, Bert Dockx & Teun Verbruggen or Spookhuisje & Elko Blijweert. This year his eye fell on the Japanese percussionist Tsubasa Hori together with musical MannGold buddy Philipp Weies.

Guitare player Philipp Weies, also a highly sought-after musician, has already won his tracks and at Dez Mona, Arno, Intergalactic Lovers and ... .

Tsubasa Hori is a Japanese Taikodrummer. She was born in Kyoto and started playing Taikodrum when she was 11. She studied Western Percussion and Music Theory at the Kyoto Horikawa Senior High School of Music. During her secondary studies she was also a drummer in a rock band. After 14 years being member of the popular Taikodrum group Kodo, she moved to Antwerp. From her new base, she participates in numerous collaborative projects with artists from various genres. For her own music she mainly seeks inspiration in the classical Japanese music tradition.

photo by Luc De Coninck

Rodrigo Fuentealba: guitars
Philipp Weies: guitar
Tsubasa Hori: Taiko Japanese traditional drums & voice



Speak Easy the vocal duo in close connection with the unmistakable synthesizer of Thomas Lehn and the sensitive percussion play of Martin Blume. There is a lot of talk, even without text much said, whispered, hissed and if needed, also grumbled. In Lehn's electronic performance it becomes not only visible what the audience hears, but also almost physically perceivable. Sometimes he makes the synth crack, supported and counteracted by the dialogues of Minton and Wassermann. Blume keeps the whole together, supports and challenges at the same time. A pretty important thing, which you also notice by the reaction of the audience. During the performance tense attention, at the end an eruptive applause and unanimous enthusiasm.

Ute Wassermann: voice
Phil Minton: voice
Martin Blume: drums & percussion
Thomas Lehn: analogue synthesizer

















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