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CITADELIC is highly commited to music, jazz, improvisation and performance...
with a summer in the park and other programs at different locations like the contemporary arts museum S.M.A.K. in Ghent...


CITADELIC SUMMER 15 in the park (28 til 31 may)

Summer Citadelic is also a family event in one of the nicest parks of ghent, near the musea, where you can relax,
listen to some music and have some refreshments or a bite of food from the El Negocito stall

thursdag 28 may
Vocuhila Trio (FR)
Evan Parker / Peter Jacquemyn

friday 29 may
Culprit's Wellness
Conversations I
Rodrigo Fuentealba invites Mattias Decraene & Teun Verbruggen
Othin Spake

saturday 30th may
Manu Hermia Trio
Fiorini - Rogé improvisation on film
Conversations II
Bas Bulteel
Manolo Cabras Quartet
Nate Wooley / Seppe Gebruers / Hugo Antunes / Jim Black

sunday 31st may
Jeroen Van Herzeele - Fabian Fiorini
De Looze - Gyselinck improvisation on film
Nate Wooley
Conversations III
Heleen Van Haegenborghs 'Signaux' + Robbrecht Desmet
Dirk Serries - Colin Webster



CITADELIC WINTER 15 in the castle (maybe ?)







for musician application
Please send your cd's to
Abeelstraat 9, 9000 Gent, Belgium








30 january 2015
We will program concerts in co production with SMAK at the Museum. 3 spring dates to follow soon !!!

8 august 2014
Citadelic Festival edition 8 from 28 til 31st of may

8 june 2014
Atelier sessions announced... release eNR022 / new kid on the bloc on piano Kaja Draksler / Giovanni Barcella as Robin Hood

17 may 2014
helterskelter... programm on the way; poster by smeraldina-rima etc.

03 june 2013
We are working on concerts + wine Session at St-Annaplein on carfree day the 22th of september + release cd eNR015: Bart Maris/Lode Vercampt duo... more info follows


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