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CITADELIC is highly commited to music, jazz, improvisation and performance...
with a summer in the parc
a winter in the castle festival
and a other programs in different locations !!!



CITADELIC JAZZ/WINE SESSION 14 no cars - 14 september

redlightBluefestival 4.0/ carfree day
at St- Annaplein Ghent from 12h til 18h
      13H30 Kabas
      15H00 Keenroh
      16H30 La Malquerida


CITADELIC WINTER 14 in the castle (maybe ?)

CITADELIC SUMMER 14 in the park (29-30-31 may + 01 june)






Thanks to all who came to give us a hand and enjoy the good music..

See you all next time

Thinking about next year: Citadelic 2015
probably from 28th til 31st of may
We'll keep you informed!!!





























8 june 2014
Atelier sessions announced... release eNR022 / on piano Kaja Draksler / Giovanni Barcella as Robin Hood

17 may 2014
helterskelter... programm on the way; poster by smeraldina-rima etc.

03 june 2013
We are working on concerts + wine Session at St-Annaplein on carfree day the 22th of september + release cd eNR015: Bart Maris/Lode Vercampt duo... more info follows

21 may 2013
Together with the people involved, we have decided to cancel the concert of the Wuppertal Improvisers Orchestra due to the rainy weather forecast... but there will be a better day undoubtedly.

29 april 2013
The poster has arrived

3 april 2013
Wuppertal Improvisers Orchestra ft. Peter Jacquemyn, Fred Van Hove / Els Vandeweyer Duo, Kris Wanders Group and Antiduo are first names for Citadelic in the park. Full line up the 29th of april.

28 march 2013
After some unforseen problems we will be able to continue the festival in the parc,
first name for Citadelic 2013 is the WIO featuring Peter Jacquemyn, Mark Sanders and Kris Wanders. You can come and play a session with them on saturday the 25 of may.

20 december 2012
We decided to organize some improvisation and jazz concerts clubstyle in music and eatcafé La Resistenza, Brabantdam 82, Ghent.

30 october 2012
The winterfestival poster has arrived.

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