de Ledebirds

 nocturne   MUB'ART + SMAK Museum, Fernand Scribedreef 1 + Jan hoetplein 1, Gent

tickets for all concerts + entrance SMAK Museum:

tickets for only the Mub'Art concert:

       at door entrance: 7euro


from 19H at different locations:
       DE LEDEBIRDS celebrate their 15 years of existence in 2023
              + Bart Maris + Edward Capel

The Ledebirds are a good-natured and creative collective. Their orchestra draws from the musicians living at Ledeberg and the surrounding areas and is led by Mattias Laga. Flourishing in all genres, these birds can chirp music from all over the world.

With fascinating projects, brimming with enthusiasm and a large arsenal of musicians, singers and instruments, they will blow your evening to unprecedented heights.

For this kick-off of the festive year, they will be meticulously assisted, propelled and strengthened by none other than Ghent master arranger and improviser Bart Maris, but also by the Dutch saxophonist Edward Capel (Eddy and the Ethiopians, VLEK).

Mattias Laga - saxophone
de ledebirds - a divers range of instrumentation for orchestra
Bart Maris - trumpet
Edward Capel - reeds & saxophone



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