Jürgen Augusteyns + João Lobo

 nocturne   MUB'ART, Fernand Scribedreef 1, Gent

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           Small Islands

Small Islands brings 2 wonderful musicians in play.
Belgian guitarist and instant composer Jürgen Augusteyns (Eric Thielemans, Karen Willems, Joachim Badenhorst, Mauro Pawlowksi, Anke Verslype, Takashi Masubushi, ...) has been focusing on genre-crossing guitar work, developing a distinct, recognisable style influenced by guitarists such as Loren Connors, Chris Forsyth, Mick Turner and Marisa Anderson but also musicians and bands by the likes of Glenn Branca, Oren Ambarchi and Six organs of admittance, to name a few.
João Lobo (Mâäk, Giovanni Guidi Trio, Norberto Lobo, Manuel Hermia's Freetet, ...) is a fantastique and versatile portugese drum player with no real limits in his palette of sound, from jazz to gnawa music, instrumental electronic trance to original rock, contemporary dance to music for film. He has played on more than 40 records that range from self-produced to acclaimed labels such as ECM, Clean Feed or el NEGOCITO records and has a heart of gold.

Their debut album will be released this autumn on Mokuhi Sonorities, the non-profit platform for adventurous music-making with storytelling at it's core and run by Nicolas Rombouts.

Augusteyns and Lobo create a unique sound, characterized by playful textures and subtle shades that evoke the style of an impressionist painting. Through spontaneous, improvised pieces, Small Islands creates vivid and atmospheric music that leaves plenty of room for the listener's imagination.

Enjoy minimalist structures and repetitive patterns by 2 genious, genuine inspired artists.

Jürgen Augusteyns - guitar
João Lobo - drums and percussion



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