Aymeric De Tapol + Eric Thielemans

 nocturne   SMAK MUSEUM
Jan Hoetplein 1, Ghent


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* Marc De Cock: Een denkbeeldig portret in kunstwerken From the Collection Matthys-Colle & S.M.A.K.
* Broodthaerskabinet

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Discovery and wonder flag high this time, music for adventurous ears.


21H: Aymeric De Tapol + Eric Thielemans

We had the inclination to make these 2 gentlemen artistically collide last year, but it wasn't possible then. Now it is, so expect no less than an organic creation from 2 genuine masters

Aymeric de Tapol is a musician, field recordist and sound-engineer, for film, art video, documentary, radio création, dance performance...
Mystery surrounds Aymeric and his releases on Vlek Records. However you can easily discover an extra dimension to his creative flair, his love of ghostly drones, minimal ambient and proto techno pulses or other music (listen on Bandcamp).

Eric Thielemans has worked his way via jazz drumming and free improvisation towards his own realms in music & performance, as a well recognised, acclaimed drummer,percussionist but more so as a drummer philosopher, exploring consciousness through music.
He has been focusing on the development of a body of solo works, challenging the borders of percussion but lately let his interests expand to the research and reflection of his practise and work, more specific about resonance and space.

Aymeric de Tapol - electronics
Eric Thielemans - drums & percussion



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