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MAY 5 - thursday late 

concerts during the evening opening of the museum with exhibitions
POP ART Van Warhol tot Panamarenko Uit de Collectie Matthys-Colle & S.M.A.K
Prijs van De Vrienden v/h S.M.A.K.
Healing the Museum Artist in Residence Grace Ndiritu



19H: Nils Vermeulen Mingus.100 

Nils Vermeulen celebrates 100 years of Charles Mingus. “What is jazz? I don’t know… and I don’t care.”
Mingus keeps on influencing new generations of bass players, Nils Vermeulen is one of them. The way Charles Mingus approaches the bass, searching for new sounds and possibilities, and using these within an improvisational harmonic and melodic context, inspired Nils ever since he started playing the bass.

With this solo double bass concert, Nils Vermeulen adds to the Mingus tradition; playing the truth of what you are. Don’t expect imitations or even compositions of Mingus, but a personal and truthful tribute to celebrate his 100th birthday.

Nils Vermeulen: double bas

21H: Augusto Pirodda's The Monkey and The Monk // Concert for Jazz Septet in Three Movements

Augusto Pirodda is one of those well-kept secrets of the Belgian jazz scene (cf. trio with Gary Peacock and Paul Motion). Central to Pirodda's journey is the search for the greatest possible freedom of expression in music. Style and genre always come second. In the past, Pirodda found that path to his own musical language in solo projects. The freedom in solo playing is infinite, and there are no limits to both melodic and formal development.
For over ten years, Pirodda has been toying with the idea of transposing this to larger ensemble and started composing and arranging, in which he could conduct the same experiment as in his solo projects. This resulted in The Monkey and The Monk, repertoire that Pirodda considers to be by far the most personal and thoughtful work he has been able to create to date.

Each movement is made up of a series of three or four compositions, interrupted by short moments of solos, duos, trios. Sometimes these are completely improvised, other times the lining of the beginning and end are clearly defined, but freedom is created in between. This discord represents the battle in every human consciousness: between the child playing in the now and the adult thinking, slipping away from that now. The project is strongly autobiographical, the struggle very personal.

Augusto Pirodda: piano
Ben Sluijs: alto saxophone and flute
Lynn Cassiers: vocals and elektronica
Laurent Blondiau: trumpet and Flugelhorn
Sam Commerford: tenor, bas saxophone and clarinet
Manolo Cabras: double bas
Marek Patrman: drums


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