Myrddin + FORB

 soiree negociee   MINARD SCHOUWBURG
Romain Deconinckplein 2 - Ghent

MARCH 5, 20H



or at BAR LUME / HOTCLUB (12 euro)
or at the VOORUIT ticketbalie (14 euro)


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At a soiree negociee, Citadelic always invites a different musical sparring partner. For the first edition and true to history, in keeping with the festival organized by David De Rudder in 2007, we spontaneously arrived at the Hotclub. It even becomes a tandem with the HotClub and Bar Lume, two prominent highly musical cafes in Ghent in the mix with Peter Kinna and Waso De Cauter at the helm. An ode to live music. 


20H: Myrddin - release concert Médyn

Myrddin De Cauter, descendant of the most famous musical family in Ghent, is without a doubt a phenomenon in the Belgian music landscape. With his exceptional talent and technical virtuosity he pulls you with his flamenco guitar into other worlds. That's what happens when you come from such an artistic upbringing; father always curious to find new music and a mother a super fan of Paco de Lucía, the legendary and virtuoso flamenco player.

For this occasion, he will perform work from his third solo album for the very first time. Médyn is part of the series 'Monstruos y Duendes' and named after his grandchild, who was born in May.

His music vibrates heartwarming spontaneity and craftsmanship, is always deeply personal but always sounds universal. In the unique universe he creates, he let's you taste of classical, jazz, chanson, gipsy, flamenco and roots.

A lyrical experience, as Wannes Van De Velde once rightly described it.

Myrddin De Cauter: flamenco guitar

21H: The Free Orleans Rebel Band

New Orleans jazz was once the avant-garde of the music world; a revolution of sounds and possibilities. With time passing by it became - quite naturally - the oldest and least groundbreaking sub-genre of jazz in which emotion and personal expression remained important. This was reinforced by the 'revival' that started in the 1950s.

Waso De Cauter came into contact with New Orleans jazz through his father at a very young age and started playing only later this music in various bands and with renowned artists. At certain point he heard, listening often to Jelly Roll Morton or The Red Hot Peppers, the resemblance between this music and the free jazz of Ornette Coleman ...
Waso had to explore further this feeling! He had to experiment and sought out strong and enthusiastic musicians who thrive in the avant-garde; adventurers and free spirits of the Belgian jazz scene. For him this was a start of a journey, a fascinating and energetic rediscovery of this often much too dulled form of jazz.

Waso De Cauter: guitar
Bart Maris: trumpet
Joachim Badenhorst: reeds
Nabou Claerhout: trombone
Christian Mendoza: piano
Jon Birdsong: sauzaphone
Lionel Beuvens: drums

Farida Amadou


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