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* N. Dash earth
* Splendid Isolation
* Lydia Ourahmane Barzakh
* Marc De Cock: Een denkbeeldig portret in kunstwerken From the Collection Matthys-Colle & S.M.A.K.
* Broodthaerskabinet



20H: Sureau

Introducing three long time warriors of improvised music, unsung heroes of Belgian free improvisation, the Sureau trio was born on August 12, 2007 during the Scheld’Apen / Radio Centraal collaboration “Bevrijdt de Muziek”.

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg has organized over 200 improv concerts in Brussels since 2000 and gives voice workshop about techniques and conductions in different cities (Turin, Budapest, Liverpool, Nitra). He writes passionately about music in Improjazz (FR), Jazzaround (BE) and on his own blog Orynx-Improvandsounds, but foremost he is an improvising singer pur sang from the Brussels region. He has developed large voice-mouth-throat musical techniques varying throat singing, overtones, jodels, mouth sounds, almost 3 octaves, falsettos, multiphonics and invented languages.
Since the seventies, Kris Vanderstraeten has been experimenting with his unique set-up, a drum kit as sound generator, exploring texture, dynamics and space. Both Kris Vanderstraeten and Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg have been playing together since 1985.
Bass player Jean Demey was already pretty active at the time of the legendary first Free Music Wim Festivals (early seventies in Antwerp and Ghent) with Australian/Dutch sax freejazz hero Kris Wanders (you could check Globe Unity 1st Lp & Fred Van Hove Requiem on Saba). He has performed on all five continents for exemple with Arabesque & lutist Hasan Erraji, kora master N’Faly Kouyaté, raï singers Cheb Mimoun and Cheb Khaled, but you could catch him too at one of his sculpture exhibitions in Flanders or Paris. Nowadays he concentrates on sculpting with his double bass and has been recently spotted on stage with Chris Joris and Laurent Blondiau.

The trio brings free spontaneous improvisations based on mutual listening, musical invention and sound exploration. This collective music is shaped by very individual sounds research and many years of practice and reflection, extended techniques and tangent interactive thinking.
They've produced 3 recordings so far: Sureau (Creative Sources) and The Leuven Concert and Sureau Live Bxl (Setola di Maiale).

Sureau only lacks the creativity of a live audience and it's imagination through listening.

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg - voice
Jean Demey - double bas
Kris Vanderstraeten - percussion

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