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AUGUST 31 - 20H, 2021
Frederik Croene 'cul-de-sac' + lauroshilau

2 days of captivating music in a new location... the Yūgen factory at the Ferdinand Lousbergkaai number 21 Ghent

Frederik Croene 'cul-de-sac'
Known for his idiosyncrasy and sense of adventure, Frederik tinkered with his solo work to emerge in 2018 with a masterpiece entitled 'cul-de-sac'. He gets his inspiration from the seemingly dead-end streets in his instrument and its repertoire. Time for intense piano music.
* Frederik Croene (BE) – piano

Lauroshilau explores different approaches to improvisation. From ambient to free jazz, they search for their own sound, where each personality can develop their own voice, while staying strong as a unit.
* Audrey Lauro (FR) – alto saxophone / Yuko Oshima (FR) – drums, sampler / Pak Yan Lau (HK/BE) – piano, toypianos, synth, electronics

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with the magnificent support of the Flemish Community

Pak Yan LauYuko Oshima

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Citadelic @ Yūgen Factory




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