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SMAK Museum, Jan Hoetplein GHENT

DECEMBER 2- Late Thursday
concerts during the evening opening of the museum with exhibitions
POP ART from Warhol til Panamarenko
From the Collection Matthys-Colle & S.M.A.K
The Litlle Catalogue from the Collectie of S.M.A.K. Broodthaerskabinet


20H: Audrey Lauro solo

The French alto player Audrey Lauro ihas been around for a while (Marc Ribot, Veryan Weston, Peter Evans, Carlos Zingaro,...) and has long been a welcome saxophonist on the Belgian experimental music scene. She has the capacity to grabs you by the neck evoking her own language developed for saxophone and deeply nested in the free improvised music.

Audrey Lauro: alto saxophone

Audrey Lauro

21H: Talibam! (US) + Alan Wilkinson (UK)

As Taliban! (US) with drummer Kevin Shea and keyboard player Matt Mottel, it is always energetic and very audible. In this trio, this is reinforced by the help of the equally eager British saxophone player Alan Wilkinson (Ilford, East London, 22 August 1955), who is part of the British Improvised Music Community, resulting in music without any handbrakes. Expect mutual contrasts when the musicians play together, possibly long spans of tension without always having to be crushingly loud, but always compact and intense.

Or as they like to sell themselves jokingly:
"Talibam! is a 15 year working unit featuring Kevin Shea (a drummer who perpetually inspires clones to reevaluate that which they take for granted) and Matt Mottel (a keyboardist who stacks his synth tone through expert speedy hand manipulation). They are a rhythm section that is at the cross hair of agility, speed, punctuation and intention — a perfect pairing for Alan Wilkinson’s vigilant overthrow of normative music. Wilkinson is the strongest possessor of fire tone, blue notes and saxophone gallantry — his napalm sonics wake up all the sleepy horn blowers. A longtime veteran of UK’s legendary jazz cabal, Wilkinson breathes menacing commitment to the ghoulish moment of now. Talibam! & Alan Wilkinson play music bound by curiosity — brutalizing cliche without bolstering any dominant dogmatic idiom — ready to till the local agricultural dynamics for all organic food munch."

Alan Wilkinson: saxophone
Matt Mottel: keys
Kevin Shea: drums

Talibam! + Alan Wilkinson


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