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26 september 2017
ENJIN (Rodrigo Fuentealba / Philipp Weies / Tsubasa Hori)
SPEAK EASY (Ute Wassermann / Phil Minton / Thomas Lehn / Martin Blume)


17 october 2017
G A B B R O (Marc De Maeseneer / Hanne De Backer) + SAMUEL BER
SOUNDING TEARS (Mat Maneri / Lucian Ban / Evan Parker)


5 december 2017
FISH-SCALE SUNRISE (Ab Baars / Kaja Draksler / Joe Williamson)
GIOVANNI Di DOMENICO & ABSCHATTUNGEN (Laurent Blondieau / Quentin Manfroy / Audrey Lauro / Daniele Martini / Gregoire Tirtiaux / Marti Melia Jordi Grognard / Giotis Damianidis / Axel Gilain / Mathieu Calleja / Jakob Warmenbol / Giovanni Di Domenico)




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tuesday 7 november 2017


For 25 years, they have made music of unprecedented clarity, somewhere between jazz and chamber music. Moore and Kaufmann play first as duo and then in their quartet. Saxophonist / Clarinetist Michael Moore and pianist Achim Kaufmann began playing together 25 years ago when they both were part of the Amsterdam impro scene. Kaufmann now lives in Berlin. The fact that there is still a special chemistry between them proves their recent Berlin-based cd-trip Nothing Something, Something Nothing and Further. The music has an unprecedented clarity, whether it's duo improvisations (Nothing Something), compositions (Something Nothing) or variations on music by Herbie Nichols (Further).

Michael Moore is internationally renowned for his beautiful tone and rich musical fantasy, which connects to both the American tradition and the anarchy of the Amsterdam ICP Orchestra, where he is part of.

Achim Kaufmann's piano play and compositions move between jazz and chamber music, with folkloristic associations.

'You're tempted to turn back and listen again.It is open music of the highest, most satisfying kind' Point of Departure.

Michael Moore: clarinet, alto saxophone
Achim Kaufmann: piano


Bart Maris: trumpet
Hamid Drake: drums & percussie



Bambi Pang Pang is a Belgian occasion jazz band that was formed by three students at the Antwerp Conservatory in 2013 (Seppe Gebruers, Laurens Smet and Viktor Perdieus, all three also Ifa Y Xangô members) who were allowed in the context of a coaching project set up by Jazz Middelheim Collaborate with the famous New York free jazz drummer Andrew Cyrille.

A few years later (read ripened), they found it opportune to re-invite Cyrille to a recording session and in 2015, the celebrated album Drop your Plans (el NEGOCITO Records - listen here) appeared.

The members of the group show how much a free jazz approach can bring to the art of the ballad. The music is cliché-free, melodic and emotional and can be enjoyed with both head and heart.

The group is hungry now to dive into a new musical adventure, especially with pianist Seppe Gebruers focusing on his unique quarter-tone approach, thus playing 2 pianos each with a quarter-tone difference.

And so they contacted the French-Japanese violinist Frantz Loriot. He is active in a number of international ensembles, crossroads of different musical genres: improvised music, experimental, rock, contemporary music and electronics. He has contributed to multidisciplinary projects related to dance, image and poetry. After having lived in Paris and New York City, Frantz relocated to Zürich (Switzerland).

Viktor Perdieus: sax
Seppe Gebruers: piano
Laurens Smet: bass
Frantz Loriot: violin

















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