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We kick off with the "Unity" program of Iranian kamancheh player MOSTAFA TALEB on this historic and traditional Persian instrument. Our peace offering for 2023!
Then we make space for a second set, not for the fainthearted, as visual artist PETER PUYPE and architect ROBIN SCHAEVERBEKE unleash their punk jazz demons in KLINKER.


20H: MOSTAFA TALEB: "Unity", a Solo for Kamancheh

Be like a flower that even gives its fragrance to a hand that crushes it.

Mostafa Taleb is a composer and improviser. He arrived in Brussels from Iran in 2016. His talent and musical personality allowed him to overcome the difficulties of exile and allowed him to build a solid reputation as a Kamancheh player and singer. His focus is on innovating Persian classical music such as the Persian ensemble Hamnava and Illumination. On the invitation of famous viola da gamba player Jordi Savall, he has played numerous concerts across Europe with ensemble Orpheus XXI. Currently he has been involved in more jazz oriented projects with amongst others with Frédéric Becker and Ananta Roosens.

At SMAK he will be performing his new work "Unity" for improvisation. Mostafa was born in 1993 in Lorestan (Iran), home of kamancheh, the ancient Persian bowed string fiddle.

He wanted to touch people’s lives through music since he was a child. He was inspired by his mother’s singing in the hooreh style, part of maqami music- the most ancient musical tradition in Iran, transmitted orally for several thousands of years. Another source of inspiration was the folk music in Lorestan, which accompanies every stage of human life, from birth to death. The kamancheh (also kamānche or kamāncha or Persian: کمانچه) is an Iranian bowed string instrument related to the rebab which is the historical ancestor of the kamancheh and the bowed Byzantine lyra. The strings are played with a variable-tension bow.

Mostafa Taleb - Kamancheh

21H: KLINKER, Kunst na Arbeid
Schaeverbeke and Puype, acquainted from their teenage days in Bruges, have a love for soul and funk. During their encounters at legendary bar Stax, and ‘het scheef huis’, the place of the Ghent Drum and Bass community in Gent, the idea was raised to play together.

However Robin moved as an architect to Rotterdam, involving himself as the drummer of ‘The New Earth Group’ band. Peter stayed in Ghent and pursued his endeavours as a visual artist, developing his more punk attitude with the band Factory Pilot, engaging in a more anarcho-punk or American hardcore side. This is still noticeable in his playing. Every note sounds like an act of defiance.

The return of Schaeverbeke to Antwerp was the prelude of a new chapter. Both, never afraid of experiment, had immersed themselves in jazz and impro. When Schaeverbeke said that he actually was drawn to 'heavy shit', being: Mr. Bungle, Slayer, Converge, Painkiller, Napalm Death, Zorn, etc., Puype knew he needed to put some work in, exploring all the different musical paths, without losing sight of a sense of adventure, improvisation.

The impetus for 'KLINKER' came when they handed each other recordings and structures. Both musicians were not in the mood to just perform some improv, as can be custom in jazz. With intensity in individual play as a leitmotif, the interest of cross-pollination of different styles would be pursued, holding a secure premisses for 'KLINKER'.

Maybe CBGB's was located on 52nd Street after all, where Charlie Parker fired his bebop salvos night after night in the 1940s? KLINKER, Kunst Na Arbeid

Peter Puype - Bass
Robin Schaeverbeke - Drums



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