Vitja Pauwels
foto Kathie Danneels         

 concert   Museum Nocturne
SMAK Museum, Jan Hoetplein GHENT

concerts during the evening opening of the museum with exhibitions and other activities

21H: Vitja Pauwels solo

Vitja started playing guitar at the age of six. Losing his heart first to classical music, he gradually became more interested in jazz, pop, rock, folk, noise and electronic music. After studies for Architect (Ingenieur ), he emerses himself in jazz music at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. In his last year in Trondheim (Norway) he hangs out with Stian Westerhus, where he workes on the integration of live electronics.

Traditions in mind, he gets attracted by contrasts, intuitive composition, unconventional forms of expression and cross-over between styles. In 2019 he releases a solo live album entitled 'Day at Half Speed' (RAT + Off Records), investigating the symbiosis of guitar music with electronic complements or contrasts

To the public, he is known as the frontman of Bombataz and is active in bands such as Cram Ration (Teun Verbruggen), Naima Joris, Sound People (Nic Thys), Leap/detach, Warm Bad (Hendrik Lasure), Duo Övinge/Pauwels etc…



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